Bernadette Johnson Talks About Key Leadership Skills Needed To Transform Any Business

Do you know the difference between leading a team and managing one? In this episode of Enlightened Entrepreneur Podcast, Bernadette Johnson speaks about leadership development, as well as leadership strategies that will help business owners set the stage for implementing collaborative approaches within their organization.


Key Questions Asked:

  • How did Bernadette get started with her business?
  • What would be the two rules that business owners need to follow in order to succeed in developing the leadership team and the collaborative strategy that they do in their organization?
  • How does Bernadette create that environment of collaborative approach?
  • What has been her journey like in running her own business?
  • How is Bernadette marketing her own business today?
  • Knowing what she knows now, if Bernadette were to do it all over again, what would she do differently?
  • If you were to advice a new start-up, what are some of the mistakes that you have observed about running a business that they can avoid?
  • How can people that transition from being that worker into that leader?


Highlights of Lessons Learned:

Key Skills

  • To ensure an easy and smooth transition of her clients’ business, Bernadette says scaling the execution of the work that they do is important. Aside from that, scaling the strategy of how they do the work and then scaling the people to make sure that they have the right ones in place are important as well.
  • Business owners must look at where they are now, where do they need to be, and then all the work will be about filling the gap, so it’s important to set up systems for people to learn.
  • The first skill business owners must learn is to understand the difference between cooperation and collaboration.
  • Collaboration requires a level of trust, vulnerability and requires authenticity. Business owners should act as the leader, defining what collaboration is and setting expectations as well as feedback.


Leading a Team

  • As a leader, it is important to keep a beginner’s mind and to always be curious in order to create an environment of collaborative approach.
  • One thing that helped Bernadette over the years was getting out and trying different things and trying new models and strategies.
  • Her biggest lesson in the last five years is learning the importance of having the right balance between working on the business and working in the business.
  • As a leader herself, Bernadette advises that we have to get to a point of being able to let go, meaning to look at what we can take off our plate and then either outsource or give to someone of which have the right skills for those things.
  • Another thing that business owners need to understand the difference between leadership and management. Management is about maintaining, leadership is about creating a vision to follow.

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