Darlene Hull Shares Useful Tips For Choosing The Right Social Media Platform For Your Business

What exactly is the best Social Media Platform to frequent in when you’re a business owner? In this episode of Enlightened Entrepreneur Podcast, Social Media expert, Darlene Hull answers this question along with many others you may have about how and where business owners should start when it comes to Social Media Marketing. Darlene believes that the basic processes in Social media can go a long way, and is the key to a highly effective highly efficient and highly profitable social media marketing strategy.


Key Questions Asked: 

  • How did Darlene get started and what roadblocks did she face along the way?
  • Where should business owners start when it comes to social media marketing?
  • Is there a step by step process that business owners can follow?
  • Where does Darlene see social media going in the next few years and how important it is for business owners to jump on it now?
  • How can they use the Facebook Page effectively?
  • How does Facebook Algorithm work?
  • What is the best Social Media Platform for business owners?
  • How often do Business owners need to post on their social media accounts?
  • Are there any tools that make all these easier?
  • Knowing what she knows now in running her business, what would Darlene do differently if sh were to do it all over again?


Highlights of Lessons Learned: 

Starting Out

  • One major roadblock Darlene faced earlier on was suffering a disaster in the business because they tried to offer too much to too many people. That’s when she realized they had to scale everything back.
  • Your starting point in social media depends on where your market is. It depends on who you’re trying to reach and what you’re trying to reach them with.
  • Generally, you’ll want to create a place where your target market is going to hangout even if they’re not interested in your product, so when they finally want what you’re selling, you’re the first one to come into their minds.


Facebook Marketing

  • Because Facebook is the biggest market out there, it is also the most difficult platform to market with. With Facebook, it’s important to have a very clear target market.
  • Darlene sees Social Media making a bit of a shift in the next few years. Instead of a static page, it will be more instant messaging apps as live messaging and interacting with customers one on one will be more of a thing.
  • One thing that will never change when it comes to breaking the Social Media is authenticity and personal engagement.
  • With Facebook, you need to have a great cover image that is not necessarily advertising your product but advertising how you want people to feel when they get there. You want to have really interesting posts, lots of visuals, you want to ask good questions as well.
  • Facebook only shows to 2-6% of the people following you. Mastering Facebook will help you master other Social Networking Sites.


Social Media Platforms

  • Your business dictates which platform you should focus on. Darlene’s principle is “Be everywhere, focus on the one that really works.” If you’re a business-to-customer type of business, Facebook is the best platform for you to focus your efforts on because people are there anyway just interacting and seeing places they like to go to. If you are a business-to-business then it’s usually LinkedIn.
  • The number of times you should post on your social media depends on how many things are already being posted in that stream and how fast do they go by. Facebook lifespan is about 2-3 hours, Twitter lifespan is about 45 minutes, LinkedIn really only needs about a post a day or three or four times a week, most of them should have something going out daily. Pinterest should be at least once a day, as well as Instagram and Snapchat.
  • Darlene and her team uses tools like Feedly, an RSS Feed Meter; Post Planner and Hootsuite to make posting easier.
  • Given the chance to start all over again, Darlene would make sure to be clear on her line, be clear on her target market, be very clear on a specific offering ahead of time as well as doing research her target market to find out exactly what they’re looking for.

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