Naresh Vissa Talks About Key Digital Marketing Strategies in Today’s World

Are there real benefits to podcasting? In this episode, Digital Marketing Wonder, Naresh Vissa, talks about podcasting and how it brought him success. Throughout his time in the corporate world, Naresh learned how business is done online, the IN’s and OUT’s of digital marketing, which then gave him the confidence to go out on his own.

Key Questions Asked

  • Who is Naresh Vissa?
  • What is his story?
  • Why did you move away from the corporate world?
  • What is a digital market in your own words?
  • What are the benefits of having your own company?
  • What was your business timeline?
  • Why did you write your PODCASTnomics book?
  • What is podcasting to you?
  • Any advice for our entrepreneurs or will be entrepreneurs?


Highlights of Lessons Learned


Moving Away From The Corporate World

  • He eventually realized that the corporate world is very bureaucratic, structured and the race to promotion is too much


  • Naresh wrote this book because podcasting is the reason why he got to the online digital marketing
  • His initial project was podcasting network, an online radio station of financial news & commentary. He was able to leverage the skills he acquired here then combined it with his media & finance knowledge


  • Podcasting is a niche area of media production
  • It allows focus on content & allows specialization rather than a general topic
  • It creates a loyal & engaged audience

Advice for Entrepreneurs

  • Being an entrepreneur is not just about starting the business and making money.
  • You go through all sorts of ups and downs, it’s very important to stay mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally sane. By giving back to others, we become spiritually stronger. Naresh never turns down anyone who reaches out for my advice. He wants to create value in every people.
  • Don’t jump right into entrepreneurship. You can get started early, but you also need to secure qualifications that can act as a lifeline in case something happens.

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